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Choose your PATH with PATH 2.0 =)

I am in search of new channels where I can share my life to my friends and my dearest family and fortunately I found [a new] Path.

“Path is the smart journal that helps you share life and never miss an important moment with family.

Start your Path with your iPhone or Android device by finding us in the App Store or the Android Market. You can also sign up and learn more at www.path.com.”

So is Path sooooo 2012 or what? Watch these videos and see if it’s for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Gifts of Green: Christmas 2011 @ NUVALI

Hello Dear Readers ๐Ÿ™‚

I would just like to greet everyone a Blessed Christmas! It is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year. A perfect time to bond with friends. A perfect time toย go back to your hometown to celebrate Christmas with your dearest loved ones.ย A perfect time to rethink of things we have done in the past eleven months and set new priorities as another year is about to come. And more importantly, a perfect time to remember our Heavenly Father’s birth and recall your relationship with him.

Yesterday, my mom decided not to go out of town and just head to Nuvali to celebrate Christmas. Actually, it was my idea to go there as I have checked Nuvali’s official website a week before Christmas and I saw that there will be live performances in Nuvali until the end of this year with a theme “Gifts of Green: Christmas 2011 @ Nuvali.”

It was our third Christmas in Nuvali and I must say, it’s getting better and better every time! And oh, people in the nearby cities and even from Metro Manila must have flocked to Nuvali to stay away from the busy and polluted metro ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, the performer yesterday was the “Hiyas ng Pilipinas Children’s Choir.”

At first, I thought it would be just a plain choir performance but then I was wrong. These kids know how to keep their audience entertained as they provide a good balance of songs they sing. It was sort of refreshing to hear from these amazing kids since they do not only sing various Christmas carols, ย they also did their own rendition of popular hit songs, not to mention, Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, my all-time favorite “Seasons of Love” from the popular Musical “Rent” and various songs. I lost count of the songs they sing but I believe they have sung more than two dozen songs! Hope you will get to hear them as well ๐Ÿ™‚ I surely enjoyed my night and I am quite sure you will enjoy their performance too in the near future.

Happy Holidays everyone! May you all have an awesome New Year!


If you would like to know more about the performances in Nuvali in the remaining days of 2011, kindly check the schedule below. For other events, kindly check their official site at Nuvali.ph See you all there! ๐Ÿ™‚

Clara Chung – Heartstrings [MV]

Hey baby, it’s easy

to believe in you and me
The smiling, the laughing
It’s comin’ so easily

It’s a funny thing, this love thing
It only falls into my arms
When I’m not looking for it at all

Hey baby, you’re doing
All the things that make me
Sing sing sing sing sing sing
Untying these heartstrings
That I’ve been triple knotting

I wanna take it slow and that’s okay with you
See I’m finished making the same old mistakes
I won’t let us fall

You put a smile
You put a smile on my heart
You put a smile
You put a smile on my heart
They’re coming all undone
My heartstrings

Hey darling, see these wings?
They’re not clipped anymore
I’m singing and shaking off
My silence with this voice

It’s a funny thing, this love thing
You’re always on the
Same page, same line, same letter
We’re gonna go far

Gonna do this right
With you by my side
And if I fall I’m safe, I know
Safe in your arms
In your arms

Hey baby, it’s easy to believe in you and me

Source:ย Clara C Music

Clara Chung – The Camel Song [MV]

“The Camel Song” Lyrics
Running through the forest hand in hand
Jumping over streams talking bout our dreams
We laugh we smile we dance
Would you give it one more chance
Please don’t let me leave this place
I really really don’t want to wake up

Cause then I’ll have to face
All the thoughts that race
How it all ended up the same
Without you here in my arms

Keep holding on
Keep holding on

Remember how we laughed
Our hearts beating fast
It was like a scene straight from TV
We sped away from the cops on our feet

To find a spot on a hill
That overlooked the city
Still with you here in my arms

Keep holding on
Keep holding on

Don’t forget the pictures in our minds
On the floor at the station
We could care less what people thought
The only two in a sea of blur
At the turning of a year
With you here in my arms

Pizza and pasta with the band playing sinatra
Nothing else can ever compete
Like a two-piece puzzle
They don’t even come close
With you here in my arms

We traveled the world
Pampas from Brazil and brats from Belgium
There’s so many more places to discover
I wouldn’t want to do it with another

Don’t forget the journeys
In the snow solving mysteries
And in the desert full of camels
As I finish this song
I have one request
That you be in my arms

Source:ย Clara Chung Music